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About Me 🠗

I am a Scottish Graphic designer currently based in Edinburgh. I strive for constant progression in my craft, always looking to improve upon my abilities and hone my skillset. 



Aura | 3D, Art Direction, Branding, Art Direction, 3D (2020)

Collaborators: Finlay Milne & Jack McSeveney. 

Aura presents a speculation of the near future, a world unsafe to breathe, creating divides in social class as consumers and corporations’ race to commodify the developing crisis. 
       Developed for entry to the RSA’s Right to Breathe brief Aura is a subvertisement campaign, satirically employing the visual language of luxury tech to present a vision of a potential future reality of extreme global socio-economic environmental inequality. Aura challenges viewers to recognise, reflect on and (most importantly) take action from their own privileged position in relation to environmental inequality.

The problems we identified surrounding air pollution was that the perpetrators of pollution rarely experience the consequences of deteriorated air quality. Our economy continues to operate on a model of production and consumption which disregards the system’s environmental impact on both local and global communities. This invisibility of cause and effect needs to be made visible in Western societies.
        We conducted user testing in the form of focus groups with young middle-class consumers in the UK. This iterative process ultimately led to our development of a critical advertisement campaign designed to challenge
consumers to re-evaluate the problematic system they are helping to sustain.

This was a speculative campaign using 3D models and mocked up advertisements.