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About Me 🠗

I am a Scottish Graphic designer currently based in Edinburgh. I strive for constant progression in my craft, always looking to improve upon my abilities and hone my skillset. 


Degree Show

Degree Show | University Exhibition (2021)

My honours project explores the land of Scotland, its turbulent history, its uses today and the manifestation of climate change on Scotland. The project investigates the Scottish psyche pertaining to land ownership, tenure, and sustainability. These are issues that have troubled Scotland for generations, each overlapping the next and exacerbating already difficult problems. With many questions being raised again regarding Scotland’s future, I wanted my project to focus on the trends in perspectives on Scotland amongst the Scottish population pertaining to how the country could be reshaped in the future to best serve its citizens.
        My research involved conversation and discussion with Scottish locals, finding out what their priorities, aspirations and grievances are surrounding Scottish land use in the context of climate change. This revealed to me the intricacies of resolving these problems in Scotland and how certain seemingly positive initiatives such as rewilding may present issues in terms of rural infrastructure. My project aims to contextualise these issues in the future, with a focus on the relationship between climate change and land ownership.
        In response to research, I began developing graphic pieces that each told different narratives based upon the perspectives of people living in Scotland. This led to my own interpretations of future Scotland, creating primarily dystopian snippets of the country.