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I am a Scottish Graphic designer currently based in Edinburgh. I strive for constant progression in my craft, always looking to improve upon my abilities and hone my skillset. 


The High-Land Club

The High-Land Club | Editorial (2020)

The High-Land Club is a parallel project to the North Coast 478, instead focussing on the in-land effects of climate change and disproportionate land ownership in Scotland’s Highland region.
       The project takes inspiration from the exclusivity involved in some of the world’s most private luxury clubs such as the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach and the Hurlingham Club in London. Both of which feature a large barrier of entry consisting of social status, wealth and interests.

        The High-Land Club imagines an exclusive organisation of wealthy land owners in Scotland, essentially making the higher land of Scotland a safe haven from the problems caused by a rising sea level. This angle of the dystopian future imagines rural Scotland like a theme park for the wealthier class of society, drawing upon tropes of traditional country pursuits such as hunting, equestrian sports and Scottish whisky.

        The publication takes the form of a broadsheet newsprint brochure, advertising to potential applicants the benefits of investing in this privatised environment. The project aims to highlight the divide in who has access to Scottish land, the disproportionate effects of climate change and how this status quo has been maintained in Scotland with little reform.

The publication is printed upon newsprint at a size of 350mm x 500mm.