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I am a Scottish Graphic designer currently based in Edinburgh. I strive for constant progression in my craft, always looking to improve upon my abilities and hone my skillset. 


Home Flood Defences

Home Flood Defences | Editorial (2021)

Home Flood Defences is a satirical editorial piece, making critique upon the attitudes towards sustainability based on but not limited to Western societies such as Scotland.
        The book presents itself as a guide book full of practical solutions to avoid flooding due to a sea level rise. The irony here is that most of these solutions are extremely difficult to implement, costly or nonsensical, especially in comparison to simply slowing, halting, or reclaiming the land lost to sea level increase.

        The book makes reference to wartime propoganda, particularly drawing inspiration from homefront printed materials of those time periods (the cold war & WW2). This component of the project aims to critique the flaws in our collective approach to sustainability, drawing parallels between band-aid measures governments are currently taking in their approach to climate change.

The publication is hand made at B6 size using recycled materials.