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About Me 🠗

I am a Scottish Graphic designer currently based in Edinburgh. I strive for constant progression in my craft, always looking to improve upon my abilities and hone my skillset. 


Sea Rise Memorial

Sea Rise Memorial | Model (2020)

The memorial plaque is designed to contextualise how seemingly small changes to our environment may have a drastic impact on local communities. Using data gathered from climate central, the memorial plaque positions the names of places vulnerable to sea level rise on a 360-degree floating disc.

    The plaque takes inspiration from viewpoint dials found at the summit of some of Scotland’s mountains and hills, complete with an inscription and compass bearings. It is imagined that this plaque has been erected on Ben Nevis, the highest point in Scotland in anticipation of the sea rising. The names of the locations, when not moved, align with the map on the lower layer. This is a 3D piece that operates using a central bearing overlaying two pieces of matt acrylic. This piece can be interacted with by spinning the perspex disc.

The model is constructed of matte acrylic and perspex using a central bearing.